A date with denim & fedora…

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Hi everyone,happy new month…one thing is for sure,time is FLYING.. Wat..I thank God…donned this on Sunday for my friend’s suprise baby shower..n did we just get her..sweet..had this denim shirt..a craving met finally..love the one-pocket-thing going on,chino pants..i’m a sucker for this..my collar necklace with hints of pearl..this pretty canvases give my feet a treat every time I have them on..added color with a fedora hat..love the floral detail..

Thanks for stopping by…xoxo

What I wore:
Denim shirt-local vendor
Chinos-as above
Floral canvas-local vendor(muindi mbingu st)
Collar necklace-mr.price
Charm bracelet-moi ave.

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