And the spray competion winner is….

IMG_20140405_132656 PicsArt_1396734727384 IMG_20140405_132707 IMG_20140405_132458 IMG_20140405_132714 IMG_20140405_134739 IMG_20140405_134848 IMG_20140405_135511And the spray competion winner is....

Drum roles pliz..happy Sunday y’ll…wat’u all up up like i am..:-) in church,at the spa,shopping,bowling,swimming,on a date,at the library..:-) bumming on your couch catching up on some series/listening to your fav jams..whatever it is have lotsa fun while at it..Had this on yesterday..this baby has been lying in my wardrobe one year now..pretty much reminds me of those art classes back in pre- school..had fun(no,yes)…I rem how we made pictures by spraying paint on paper or fabric using a an end product on fabric would look like this skirt I had on..paired it up with this sheer black top which I think is a must-have in every girls closet..finished it off with my mint flats that I have worn in a previous post coupled with this colorful pebble necklace…

Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for stopping by..xoxo

My look:
Silk skirt-old
Top-kware MKT Rongai
Flats-vendor @muindi mbingu st
Necklace-shop along moi avenue

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