Maasai plaid…

IMG_20140409_140711 IMG_20140409_140708 IMG_20140409_140647 IMG_20140409_140714 IMG_20140409_140606 IMG_20140409_140810Maasai plaid...

Hi everyone,Wednesday is here and the week is over..yipee…whose joining me in a circle dance..:-) feeling sleepy tho’..had to burn my midnight oil working on that damn assignment…(refer to yesterday’s post)..glad it’s over and done the spirit of rocking plaids..stumbled across this number in my closet while tryn to piece up an it on a very good bargain think two years ago..I love the masaai theme..the shades are working so well together.. My favorite being the yellow grids..paired it up with a black plain shirt to tone down the look,my one and only pair of pumps:-) and pearls to soften up the look.

Thanks for stopping by…spread the love..

My look:
Shirt-vendor in hurlinghum
Pearl-shop along moi avn

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