Pinky pink…

IMG_20140411_151539 IMG_20140411_151542 IMG_20140411_151534 IMG_20140411_151650 IMG_20140411_151643Pinky pink...

Hey loves, how has your Saturday been…having fun I guess…been good..few hiccups here n there at work but I believe God is in control…so I had this outfit yesterday..bought this top a while back,wore it once before it went into hiding at the back of my closet…for a Friday dress-down..went for this the soft colors,patterns and the feel of the fabric…plus the tie at the side.Paired this up with my colorful chino that I decided to do a turn up for a more casual feel…my lilac pearls and nude heels summed up my look.

Enjoy your weekend…xoxo

My look:
Chinos-vendor in hurlinghum

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