Print & chiffon..

IMG_20140412_171225_1 IMG_20140412_170703 IMG_20140412_171251_1 IMG_20140412_171502_1Print & chiffon..

Hi everyone,hope y’ll had a fabulous weekend.. Mine was pretty much OK with lots of good news…my friend Florence was blessed with a baby girl…and isn’t she adorable… to share such moments..this is what I wore on Saturday..The top was a good bargain…love the busy thingy with the pattern,fabric and colors..paired this up with a chiffon skirt that is light,flowy & spells girliness in CAPS..kept it simple with no accessories…tho added some hints of color with this two-toned sandals..

A smile is an instant vacation…so smile more loves..xoxo

My look:
Top-ladies outside pioneer bldng
Cross body bag-gifted
Cross ring-shop alon moi avenue

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