Sheer scarf..

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Hello everyone,hope you all had a wonderful easter holiday…had lots of fun I must say…This post was supposed to be up on Tuesday…but man,time has been my greatest foe..the exams don make it better i tell ya…wore this skirt whose prints I really adore coupled with my versatile white top that has featured before..added some pop of color with the scarf,mint neckpice and flats…pictures were taken at the ostrich farm in kitengela..loved the ambience & serenity…pretty cool place for picnics,taking a long drive outta town with ur significant other and social gatherings..I definately recommend–:-)

Thanks for stopping & love

What I wore:
Skirt-Vendor in hurlinghum
Flats-vendor @muindi mbingu st
Scarf-ladies outside pioneer bldg

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