Twinkle twinkle little stars

IMG_20140427_180835IMG_20140427_180943IMG_20140427_180950IMG_20140427_181145Twinkle twinkle little stars


Hi everyone…wish I had taken a day off today..I have zero psyke after getting into a weekend mood yesterday…aarrgghh…n i guess i’m not alone on this…Boring…onto my outfit,the title pretty much relates to what i had on last Sunday on my way to the salon..really love the sort of chiffon/sheer fabric of the skirt and of course the stars all over..the band at the waist and the flowiness makes it even better..paired this up with a sheer top has not left my skin since I bought it..guilty of having it on 1001 times..remember my red flats that I recently featured on the ‘new in my closet post,..yeah paired them together with my colorful sling bag coupled with a colorful neckpiece..

Enjoy your Friday and thanks for stopping by..xoxo

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What I wore:
Skirt-vendor in hurlinghum
Top-kware MKT Rongai
Flats-Aghakan walk
Neckpiece-Moi avenue

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