IMG_20140507_173922 IMG_20140507_173600 IMG_20140507_174001 IMG_20140507_174010Midi-Dress

Morning everyone…hope your keeping well..watched my first episode of kansime last night..thanks to some free time on my hands..and that lady can talk..100 plus words per min..she’s interesting tho…onto the fashion dept now..wore this mid-length dress yesterday…a hard one to pull I agree..attributed by the fact that it shifts all the focus to the calf area…I chose this darker shade of maroon..darker shades gives one a SLIM fit always..layered my stripped shirt underneath and this black blazer I got recently in preparation for June July cold spell… It did give me this structured look..i like…had to take it off tho..its super warm…had my tweed flats after a long day with heels…summed up this look with a pendant watch..

Have a beautiful day..thanks for reading..

What I wore:
Dress-super old
Coat-vendors all over town
Flats-vendor at muindi mbingu

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