OOTD-Studded shirt..




IMG_20140510_093800IMG_20140510_090748OOTD-Studded shirt..

Hi loves…watched the trend and was impressed to see our own bloggers scale up the heights and get recognition from all over the continent…sharon mundia of (thisisess.com)..one of my favourite blogs..love her style n she can write..one that caught my eye was a lady who blogs about motherhood and all aspects of maternal health..interesting stuff..check out her blog on (www.mummy tales.com)..on our way to Nakuru..decided to donne this studded top..love love the studs..coupled with this print skirt..added some color with this sling bag and ankle heels…tagged along this double breast blazer ..it tends to get chilly in the evening..my pendant clock summed up my look..oh..forgot to mention..held my hair up to lenghthen my frame..

Enjoy your day…thanks for stopping by..

What I wore;
Blazer-vendors in town
Sling bag-maasai MKT
Pendant watch-moi avenue

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