African fusion…




IMG_20140518_170112African fusion...

Hi everyone…so so glad I’m done with monday…i beg to digress for a minute..public university students will today hold a “peaceful demonstration” in protest of the hike in school fees…I totally support the move but the whole peaceful thing has a whole different meaning in the Kenyan context..y’ll know what I mean…be on the look out everyone and keep safe..onto fashion related news now..had this ensemble on Sunday…it was pretty obvious I had a bad hair day as all roads were leading to the salon…n the idea of wrapping up my head came along..used this burnt orange scarf to make a creative tie…paired this sheer top and African inspired skirt to bring the theme closer home..accessorised with this statement piece and colorful bracelet watch..completed my look with my sling kikapu and leather sandals..

Have a beautiful day…thanks for stopping by..

What I wore:
Top-kware MKT
Neckpiece-moi ave
Watch-same up
Kikapu-aghakan walk

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