Tie and Dye..




Hi loves…hope your week is going down just fine…Wednesday is here…can’t hide the thrill in me for sure..getting closer to the weekend is always my cup of tea..had this outfit to church on Saturday…the weather was acting up and still is…paired this lovely tie and dye skirt that mama got for me…that was way back during high school days..she got it tailored though I didn’t quite feel the top…shoved it at the back of my closet..so she kept asking why I never had it on…I always gave her this blank look..saw the dyed outfits making rounds…did some real digging and finally found this babe…old is gold i tell ya’..thanks mum..paired it up with a sheer top and threw this lovely blazer on that I recently got..love the buttons and the subtle shoulder detail..added some color with my kikapu.

Thanks for stopping by..xoxo

What I wore:
Blazer-sunbeam tomboya st

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