All black and tweed…

Hi everyone,Thank God its Friday…this is one of those days that I feel like doing nothing or getting out of the house…just bum or take Siesta’s…aarrgh…wish it was five already..this will be a terribly long day for me…let’s not even get started on the trillion tonnes of work that needs to get done today…anyway,that aside..watched the opening ceremony last night..loved the creativity,pomp and color displayed.The performance by JLO and pit bull was OK..I honestly think the FIFA team did not do any justice in selecting this season’s theme song…coming to think of it,





waka waka was actually a good pick in comparison to “we are one”…Had this outfit on Wednesday..went for an all-black look and broke the monotony a little with my tweed half dark brown wet look heels..

Thanks for stopping by..xoxo..Have a F.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c weekend

What I wore:
Shirt-same up
Heels-random shop along moi ave

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