Casual sunday; shorts and loafers..

Morning loves and a happy new month to you all..had a restful weekend because that’s exactly what I had hoped for..I thank the lord for this new month and may He continue to shower me with blessings in all is opening in a weeks time..wish I could just time travel to December you know..on to fashion related news now..had this ensemble yesterday..this is one of those looks that the shoes had to dictate the rest of the takes me back to my campus days..bought this loafers on Friday for such a good bargain..couldn’t wait to have them on so Sunday presented itself as the perfect day..loafers are very casual so I went for the shorts and vest look to achieve this…added some flare with the chain neckpiece that found my place to call home the other day..threw on this button-down sweater and was good to go..

Have a fruitful week and thanks for stopping by..xoxo






What I wore;
Chain-shop next to Nairobi sports HSE
Bag-maasai mkt

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