Tribal flare..

Morning Darlings,don’t you just love the rays we’ve woken up to..thank you Lord..Allow me to digress..whilst basking in all that awesomeness on my way to the office,i decided to pass by the market exhibitions right outside kencom house and see what they had in store..I had vowed not to add any pair till next month(like cross my heart and let me live to see more shoes)..:-) all that changed when I saw three babies all stretching out to me..this I could not resist…it has been a long wait but I’m now more than thrilled to own my first strappy sandal heels..(it’s a nightmare when it comes to hunting for these IMG_20140930_175557 IMG_20140930_175522 IMG_20140930_175603 IMG_20140930_175519

cuties having wide feet like mine)..What a way to start a I had this  tribal print top with a purple skirt on Tuesday..what I love most about the top is the fact that I could style it casually say with shorts or a maxi skirt..I added some dose of color with my mint burgandy pumps finished off this look..the prints are not so work in progress..:-)

Thanks for stopping by xoxo..

What i wore;

Skirt-oscar my mitumba guy

Top-same up

Heels-aghakan walk


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