The sailor’s dress..

Morning beautiful people,had a lovely weekend??..guess you did..i don’t remember the last time I had so much all begun on Friday during the closure of our customer experience week back at the office to yesterday’s baby shower..wish you all love Dottie..I think it’s okay to over- indulge once in a while..(i honestly exceeded by far)the aftermath will always be taken care of with a few litres of lemon water..<3..onto today’s post..wore this sailor’s dress to church on Saturday..I totally love the fabric,pleats and the navy blue detail on simple yet excuisite don’t you think..the perfect dress to donne when sailing out on a date with Mr.right..or having a gig on a cruise ship..i tell ya’my dreams are valid..clinched my waist with an emerald green belt for that sillohuette and sorta red peeps..this sunnies summed up my look..Did I mention the dress was a good bargain..around nine dollars to be precise..

Have a fruitful week and thanks for stopping

What I wore;

Dress-kenya cinema 4th floor(second hand)

Peeps-aghakan walk(weekends)





IMG_20141011_170313 IMG_20141011_170346 IMG_20141011_170627 IMG_20141011_170635 IMG_20141011_170704 IMG_20141011_170654 IMG_20141011_170639

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