The little black dress..

Morning loves,hope your mashujaaa day is going down okay..can’t believe the brief holiday is coming to an end..I have been merry making since Friday and I must say it was a kick-ass one…onto my outfit post,had this ensemble on Wednesday..paired the thrifted(i’m an expert i tell ya’)LBD and the off-white baby collar chiffon top.I could effortlessly dress it down by taking off the top and viola..achieve an evening cocktail party with colleagues/’s versatility is immeasurable..<3 my black platform peeps and neckpiece summed up my look..

Enjoy your monday darlings and thanks for stopping by..xoxoxo

Photos by siso fela

What I wore:
Heels-shoe palace
Neckpiece-moi avenue next to Nairobi sports hse


IMG_20141015_082324 IMG_20141015_082254 IMG_20141015_082331 IMG_20141015_082336 IMG_20141015_082259 IMG_20141015_082247

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