White peplum skirt..

Morning Fashionistas,

This was my outfit on thusrday last week.Paired this white skirt that has a slight feel of peplum to it..which i love.The fit is also perfect.Combined it with my polyester wash and wear stripped print shirt to achieve that monochrome look.The red peeps summed up my look.

Thanks for stopping by..xoxo

Photos by siso fela


What i wore;

Skirt-oscar the ‘mitumba expert’

Shirt-soo thrifted(ladies outside tuskys pioneer)

Peeps-aghakan walk

Pearls-moi avenue

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20141016_085317 20141016_085330 20141016_085337 20141016_085320 IMG_20141016_085131 20141016_085324_1 IMG_20141016_084718




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