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Morning darlings,

I must say that coming to a conclusion to have this dress on last friday (to a wedding) maanzoni was the best decision ever..remember I had mentioned that it was a tough battle between two other pieces in one of last week’s post…I’m glad I trusted my instincts because I loved the outcome.. every single thing about it stood out..the fabric,padded shoulders,the cut and fit..thanks to my tailor who did a great job scaling it from a size 12-10..the colors and prints topped that icing I tell ya’’s officially my fav piece right know because I will still style it to the office,an official evening event,to church..the list is endless..paired this splendid piece with my orange peeps,black clutch and floppy hat and neckpiece added to the sophistication and edginess…<3<3<3<3.(blowing my trumpet)…my friend Rhoda  and beau brought their A-game on…

Have a beautiful day and thanks for stopping by..xoxo

Photos by Rhoda,SisoFela & Mum




IMG_20141017_121606 IMG_20141017_122009 IMG_20141017_122344 IMG_20141017_122413 IMG_20141017_124030 IMG_20141017_124253 IMG_20141017_144257 IMG_20141017_144247

What I wore;

Dress-oscar the ‘mitumba’ guru


Hat-uchumi aghakan walk





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