Thrifted print top..

IMG_20141023_134017Morning bunnies,

What’s with the weather today..i just hope mr.sun will show up soon.I had this outfit sometime last week.Got this top at a hundred and fifty can’t even imagine..can you..<3 i fell in love with the multiple colors and feel of the fabric which i had reduced to my size by the way.Paired this up with this white blazer and skirt.The belt added a dose or two of color. Had a couple of errands to run on that day so my wet look flats facilitated my comfort.

Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by..xoxo

What i wore:

Skirt-oscar the thrift expert

Blazer-same up

Top-thrifted in town

Belt-Rongai business hub

Flats-UON foot bridge


IMG_20141023_134019 IMG_20141023_134020 IMG_20141023_134022 IMG_20141023_134026 IMG_20141023_134029 IMG_20141023_134031_1


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