purple print midi..


Happy friday loves,

Can’t believe that we’re actually done with october..time can really fly i tell ya..had this ensemble to church last saturday..this purple print midi dress did the trick for me whilst spelling modest,grace and chic in one word..love the versatility part of it more..<3.For some reason i clinched.my waist with a purple slim belt which camouflaged with the entire outfit.The sun was all out so the floppy hat came in handy and added color too.My BCBG wedges summed up this look.

Wishing y’ll a kick ass weekend and thanks for stopping by..xoxo


IMG_20141025_131512 IMG_20141025_131447 IMG_20141025_131505 IMG_20141025_131535 IMG_20141025_131548 IMG_20141025_131605 IMG_20141025_131611

What i wore:

Dress-kenya cinema fourth floor

Hat-uchumi aghakan walk

Belt-curio @ rongai business hub



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