Work Thursday; Of thrifted numbers..

Morning loves,

So the class eight pupils are done with their exams,how I envy my small siz..left her making her 11th turn in bed..i guess..wish we could swap places just for the long holiday..I look at her and realize how tall she’s grown already..she’ll be twice my height when she cleares her fourth form..ain’t I in trouble..:-) ..all in all we thank God for the far she’s come…onto fashion related news now,paired up this stripped shirt with my navy and grey sorta skirt which resembles one from a would have made a power one if I was lucky enough to thrift both of them..this dark brown wet look heels finished off my look.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend..xoxo

Photos by siso fela

What I wore:


Shirt-same up

Heels-random shop along moi avenue

IMG_20141106_144419 IMG_20141106_144429 IMG_20141106_144400 IMG_20141106_144424



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