Knitted sweater..

Morning darlings,

Old is indeed gold.I’ve had this knitted sweater for seven years now..thrifted it when I was on my way home from campus for a meagre fifty Kenya shillings..those are the days I would save up my pocket money to go on such sprees on (my own)..I would do that everyday (n yeah it was that serious) since the market was part of my route fun..the thrill  and adrenalin rush of getting something good out of the rubble for that price just topped the icing..i didn’t make much use of them then but I knew that someday they will serve me well..<3.Paired the beauty up with my LBD and a lovely neckpiece for some flare.These two-toned peeps summed up this look..

What I wore:


Sweater-same up


Neckpeice-moi ave next to Nairobi sports hse

IMG_20141111_082512 IMG_20141111_082645 20141111_082927 20141111_082919 20141111_082910

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