Diamond dream of Africa: Day one (part one)

Morning loves,

The last couple of days I haven’t blogged seems like a month…Took a trip down to the coast on Friday for the weekend.We had been planning this for months and counting down heightened up the anxiety..glad that it finally came through..we had an amazing time at Diamond dream of africa, Malindi.Wore this beautiful dress whose colors i adore-brought that ocean feel and it was light enough to let in the breeze,coupled with my maasai sandles and colorful kiondoo.My gal Lucy wore an off-white vest with a bit of lace detail,print pants and a black beaded neckpiece.

Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by..xoxo


IMG_20141121_151509 IMG_20141121_151857 IMG_20141121_154135 IMG_20141121_154151 IMG_20141121_154128 IMG_20141121_120057 IMG_20141121_154317

What we wore:

Dress-was my mum’s


Metal cuff-maasai MKT

Kiondoo-same up




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