Diamond dream of Africa: Day 2 (part one)

Morning darlings,

So this was our situation on Saturday morning.Did an all white outfit that I’ve been dying to try for ages šŸ™‚ ..loved the outcome<3.. tee and shorts..was amazed by the crisp clean look.I summed it up with my maasai sandles,hat and aqua mint pendant.Lucy had a multicolored vest with mint shorts..looked soo yummy.My friend patience strutted her stuff in black shorts,mellow yellow chiffon top and floppy hat..we had fun snorkeling,my first time tho but I wouldn’t mind doing it over and over again given a chance..having perfected my water moves..you know

Thanks for stopping by..xoxo

What we wore:


Tee-same up

Hat-same up


Sandals-maasai mkt

IMG_20141122_091326 IMG_20141122_091305 IMG_20141122_091018 IMG_20141122_091110 IMG_20141122_091129 IMG_20141122_091107 IMG_20141122_091009

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