Morning loves,

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend,i sure did have an awesome break and energetic more than ever to start this bring it on mr.week because i’m ready for you…fast foward to a month from now,l’ll be drained as hell…haha 🙂 a day at a time is what i will take and be thankful for every moment lived,good or bad.Had this plaid shirt on friday with my off-white chinos and loafers.I achieved that casual,laid back and chic look at the same time.My hair was curled up before heading to the salon where i had it washed and straightened a bit.Curly or straight,which look do you prefer??

Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by..peace

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What i wore;
Shirt-oscar (0724854908)
Pants-same up
Loafers-Uon foot bridge
Kiondoo-tuskys pioneer

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