A touch of sequin..

Morning loves,

Hope you’re all well and off to a great start this week.This is what i donned to work last week on friday.It’s amazing how you can buy an item a year or two ago then find the perfect match to complete the outfit.That’s exactly what happened to this pieces,bought at diffrent times and places but they all look like one happy family.One important lesson i have learnt in my style journey and stuck to is to STOCK up,doesn’t matter if you have something to go with it in your closet,just buy the damn thing and let it have your place to call home.It will come in handy one day,trust me 🙂 I love this top with sequin patches at the shoulders,i could still have this look to a night out with friends.I synched my waist to create a more fitting look since it was a size bigger. Wore this skirt here This beautiful two-toned wedges finished off my look 🙂

Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by..






What i wore;

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