Boyfriend jeans + Tee..

Hey loves,

Ever woke up an hour later than the set time,do everything in a frantic rush,dash off to get a ‘matatu’ that simply can’t move as fast as you want it to…stops at every freaking stage to pick imaginary passengers..(they waren’t really there)..never been that desperate in my entire life..had to alight and take a motorcycle…Thank God i made it just in time 🙂 🙂 to catch up with my ride for the day,this was on good friday.Traversed over ten counties,quite a number and a good one for that matter 🙂 I really had a good time while at it,hoping to do this soon and visit more places i’ve never been to.Had this cute ‘you can’t airbrush personality’print-on tee and the lovely boyfriend jeans,a first in my closet for an errands day two sundays ago.I had cornrows and din’t feel like undoing them;my turban came in handy.These ivory loafers summed up my look

Thanks for stopping by and have a fruitful week..xoxo







What i wore;
Jeans-serinda fashions
Loafers-George 0737486621

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      Thanks doll 🙂 the lighting part has been and still is my greatest nightmare…at times i’ve had to upload posts with my closed simply because the pics took an awful turn..such bore..with small strides we’ll be there,I believe 🙂

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