Never give up..

Hey loves,

It surely feels good to back,two months seemed like an enternity and this made me realize how much i cherish and have grown fond of this little space and you my dear readers.Sorry for the disappearing act i pulled on you all,i din’t quite see it coming either;so here goes my ordeal.26th of April was the day i lost my gadget to a group of men who purpotedly posed as passengers in the vehicle i boarded to school,i was,rather what i had got them all glowy as their day’s agenda.Gotta give it up to these guys because they sniff them a mile away,you feel me.It all happened so so fast,in a blink of an eye my baby was gone..WTH happened here..just like that.All my blog work and data gone to the hands of these cruel and heartless human beings.I had never felt so lost and adrift in my whole life.I closed my eyes for while just to kid myself that,that was just another horrific nightmare but no.Reality slapped me so hard,the check my loves was too close to be felt at that particular time.To be really honest i cried my heart out,you heard me,i surely did..the only thing that could let out the anguish and rage i felt deep inside without the slightest care in the world (i’m i speaking to anyone).The loads of why questions would remain unanswered because the worst does also happen to the best of people. As they say,time heals the deepest of wounds and it is during this time that i learnt that life goes dawned on me like never before.Whether you choose to move on and take a chance in the unknown or stay behind,locked in the past thinking of what could’ve been,life will go on.Sometimes we tend to compare ourselves with others,while we have no idea what they have been through to be where they are.Stay put dearies because mistakes makes us better people and problems make us stronger;i have been moulded and shaped by this experience because i chose to look at the brighter side.Take heart,seek refuge in the Lord God,forge ahead and remember that life is not about waiting for the storm to pass,it’s about learning to dance in the rain πŸ™‚





What i wore;
Print top-thrifted
Snoody scarf-same up
Nude heels-Bata

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    Ghaaai…so sorry on the unfortunate event. I can’t even begin to imagine what you went through. On that note I’ll get serious on backing up my pics on the cloud space. Stay strong dear. I honestly can’t begin to imagine the ordeal….I’d cry for months on end!
    You’re back with a bang! I love your skirt, it has a really nice color…………and the shoes too.

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    I’m so sad to read what happened, but at the same time very touched by your attitude to it all. You have picked yourself up, (and you’re looking damned good!). Indeed, never give up, dear Emily!
    You have risen again, keep it up. Love how effortlessly this look comes together, lovely neck piece as well!
    Cara @

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