The Tweed Blazer..

Hello everyone,

Hope you all had restful weekend and geared up for this new week..i did though saturday was spent studying for an evening CAT which was long as hell.Sunday was okay..i did make good use of my me time where after doing my chores i sat and had my sole moment…on those typa days i either beauty sleep,stare to the deep blue sky,watch the sun go down,listen to the wind;the wind part sounds weird right..i know..we really do have a beautiful country as was evident with my IG feed yesterday.Onto the fashion related news,I paired this tweed blazer last week that has three to four pastel colors,well that is not very clear from the pictures but hey, this piece right here is a gem not to mention it’s ability to keep me warm♥♥ ..i paired it up with this LBD that is an essential piece in my closet,what’s not to love about them..everything right ♡♡ I had this second-hand beige wedges that give my feet lots of service,i could have them on everyday,any wedge fun who can back me up??

Have a terrific tuesday and thank you for reading






What i wore:
Blazer-0724854908 Oscar
Wedges-0722697711 Dan

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