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LONG POST ALERT..please don’t take off 🙂 ♡♥♡♥♡



I have been a naturalista all my life thanks to mama.I remember fondly how she used to take care of my hair i think from the age of five or there about.Those were the the days she would wash my hair up with pride cool avocado shampoo..anyone who remembers that range of product?? i loathed their solid oil because it left chunks of it undissolved and to make matters worse it attracted dust pretty fast which would then leave traces on my uniform collars.I dreaded those wash days because after the that,my mum would lit up the stove and heat up the hot comb as i sat basking outside waiting for my treatment (made of avacodo,eggs and honey) to dry up.Getting my hair straight was so painful not to mention the few times that hot-red comb would touch my hair was as hard as steel,i would compare it to steel wool just to bring out the true picture.I shaved it off when i was taken to boarding school at age ten,felt so so bad because my hair was really long,it was a requirement so i had no forward five years later when i joined secondary school where i began growing my hair back again,it was such a hustle especially when i did bantu knots and by the time i was finishing the last one,the rest had come off..anyone at this stage :-) not despair because this is expected with natural hair.To be quite frank,i was not really keen or rather did not pay attention to the needs of my hair..i had achieved my desired length and that was all that mattered at that time.Salon visits seemed liked the safest option.It was not until mama kept mentioning (four months ago) that my hair had lost its shine,volume,was thinning up due to exessive heat and all these got me scared.True to her words i took a closer look and noticed that my crown was not healthy at all.I had to do something and fast.I then resolved to take control and give it more TLC.I went through a couple of you tube videos(akushika gone natural is one of my fav) to give me a heads up on what was expected and the products to use.So here are the products i’m currently using which are making me fall in love with my hair over and over again ♥♥♥


I wash my hair after three to four weeks.Washing hair so often is not recommended because it strips off it’s natural nutrients and essential oils.I also found out from my small research that sulfate free products are appropriate and do not contain the harmful ingridients that leave the hair dry with an itchy scalp.I begun with cantu range of products and later switched off a little to argan oil just give it rest,as they say change is as good as rest

Good thing about the conditioner is that it conditions and treats it all at the same time,talk off killing two birds with one stone
I use apple cider vinegar which i haven’t captured here.Planning to buy another bottle because i cleared my prevoius One.The vinegar is vital in mantaining a good PH balance that promotes production of the essential oils,which the skin does by itself.This i put in my second last rinse,massage it on my scalp for 10-15 min then rinse it off.


My hair really coils and tangles up like nobody’s business.This detangler right here makes it easier for me to detangle.I spray some of that on the tiny parts i make then separate using my fingers and a three-toothed comb

Natural hair and especially type 4c dries up pretty fast because of its thick texture that makes it hard for the oils produced at the roots to reach the end of the hair.Moisturizing comes in handy to heal the scalp,restore moisture and moreso to tips of the hair.I do that daily using coconut mixed with jojoba on specific days and my fav jamaican castor oil mixed with argan oil moisturizer on other days

I can not live without my spray bottle bacuse my hair loves water.I spritz it up everyday just to soften it up and allow absorption of the oil and cream through moisturizing.I then do the two strand twists to protect the hair at night and also stretch it out

I use the coconut curling cream when i want to achieve defined curls through my twist outs


I would love to know what products you use and how your natural hair journey has been so far ♥♡♥♡♥
So there you have it,my hair products.Please feel free to ask questions and comment below

Have a fruitful week ahead and thank you for stopping by

Argan,cantu and castor oil can be found in all super cosmetic outlets
Kentaste coconut oil-Uchumi/Nakumatt supermarkets
Apple cider vinegar-same up
Spray bottle-super cosmetics

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    Nice, that is a lot of hair. I agree with you on taking care of our own hair instead of leaving it to salon professionals. I have natural relaxed hair 🙂 and on a HHJ. Creme of Nature products are the bizness! I also use the Coconut Oil, it smells so good but I melted it and put it in a jar to make it easier to use. Keep it up girl!

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