Green Vibes..

I had chosen a white shirt for this green half sweater but incidentally remembered that i would end up with the same look that aslo featured here I love pairing my outfits diffrently each time i where them for the second time to keep boredom at bay,create and achieve diffrent looks with those pieces.Doing that also helps me utilize my wardrobe fully and minimize the rate at which i get new items because trust me loves, that is a temptation i fight every single day keeping in mind that try to keep my budget as low as possible.So the next time you have that fashion event,brunch,baby shower,wedding,night out; before you think about getting something,take some time and go through your wardrobe,you will be suprised to find not one or two but a couple of pieces that could fix your dilemma ♥♡♥.There is something about green and animal print that makes the two tick for me,the combination complemented each other pretty well thus looking forward to do more green with this print :-).I layered up to just be in touch with the weather that kept changing by the clock

Have a fruitfiul week ahead and thanks for stopping by








What i wore:
Shirt-0724854908 oscar
Pants-same up
Sweater-same up

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