This denim dress reminds me of my undergrad campus days where i would forego lunch occasionally,save the few coins combined with my pocket money for thrifting purposes..i know but yeah,that is how much i would give up for thrifting.Being a dayscolar made it easier because my route home was basically through our local market every freaking day (the adrenalin of finding a gem at the bottom of a heap was and still is so fulfilling,only thrifters would totally relate 🙂 🙂 ).I Made very close ties with the vendors and in turn earned their trust so much so that i would take items home without paying on days that i did not have cash with me,my local market celebrity i tell ya’ not to mention the huge discounts i got..awesome wasn’t it ♥..The market is not as good as it was then

Paired this treasure with my wedge like ankle strapped print heels and got the animal fever going on with my animal print bag carried as a clutch.The butterfly neckpiece summed up my look.
Please ignore the fold lines on the dress.That’s a story for another session 🙂
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Photography by Jared Nyanjom

Wedges-same up
Bag-thrifted kware mkt Rongai
Neckpiece-Random stall on moi avenue







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