Oversized Dress Top

Hey Loves,

Happy new month.October has literally flown by and november now seems like the new december,smelling the festive season already with buildings being lit and all,Galleria mall had done that by friday 🙂
Today’s outfit is a dress top in butterfly print that i bought for one dollar which is an equivalent of roughly one hundred freaking kenyan shilings,where do you get that♥♡♥.At first i had no idea how i would pair it up but the print and colors kept calling my name,i guess you all know by now that i’m big on color,so i said yes.So then how did i achieve this look,well i’m a big fun of Maureen Bandari’s blog (thefunshionmistress.com).. and there’s one particular post she did on turning an oversized dress top to a peplum by using two slim belts.Here goes; To begin,tie the first belt around your torso,pull up all the excess fabric up and out then cinch your waist with the second belt and voila.I wore this beautiful piece with a dress,which ultimately means i could transition from work to an evening event by loosing the top,swaping into some sandal heels,statement neckpiece,lip color and i will be ready to rumble.

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Photography by Jared Nyanjom

Dress worn as a skirt-oscar 072485490708
Dress top-thrifted @ kware mkt Rongai
Two tone Heels-Dan







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