36 Random Facts About Me


1.I’m the first born in a family of Four,the last born is girl too ♥

2·I value the gift of family and friends

3.I’m 5.3ft 🙂

4.I went to boarding school at the age of ten,it was an experience;both good and bad

5.My swahili is upbeat (kiswahili sanifu),esp if put to task with someone who can do the same

6.Born in Kisii but partly brought up at the coast (7 yrs),loved it

7.I’m proudly kenyan and Kisii (got luhya roots too from ma’)

8.I chewed on my nails for quite a long time, nothing pretty about it though.Was rescued by my gal Ivy some 2yrs ago.Nail polish is the real deal

9.I was never a make-up kinda girl,i resolved to give it a try january this year,starting with the basics of course.As we speak,filling my eyebrows and focussing on the eyes is part of my dress up;every single day. I’m happy with the progress i have made so far

10.A wanderlust.I love to explore,adventure gives me goosebumps.I visited Dubai in October and hoping to travel more both locally and internationally

11.I don’t have a favorite color at the moment,but i do love loads of it

12.African decor’ fused with antique elements with a rustic theme totally gets me

13.I’m a seventh-day adventist

14.My interest in fashion picked up during my campus days

15.I’m a clean freak,my friends tell me i have OCD for being very organized

16.I could sing,alto is my voice.I was an active member of our youth choir 24 months ago,the devil is a liar

17.I’m an ambivert

18.I’m a bit cheeky and talkative around people i feel very comfortable with

19.i at times sleep with my lights on (sorry ma’)

20.I leave my radio on the entire night on Hope FM,i find the songs extremely therapeutic

21.I ‘m a good cook,my brothers look forward to days I’m whipping something for the family

22.Experimenting with different recepies is my cup of tea

23.Discipline has worked for me when it comes to regimens and maintaining a healthy lifestyle (i try).Lots of influence from ma’

24.I love nature and Art (in all its form)

25.I could whistle down an entire song

26.Solitude moments i like to have (reflect,give gratitude and meditate)

27.I stay up late almost every night either doing this or that (bad habit,not healthy at all)

28.I’m told i have this serious face when walking around (subconsciously).Please say hi when you bump into this girl,let it not hold ya’ back

29.I love the smell of earth when it rains and the taste of unsifted maize flour

30.I don’t know how to swim and drive (hides face) two things I’m not proud of-2016 goals

31.Been a naturalista all my life,my hair defies gravity like nothin else

32.I have sensitive skin thus struggled with severe acne some three straight years ago,those were the lowest moments in my life but i thank God i came out of it 🙂 ♥♡♥

33.I was quite the dreamer in class,was on nightshift during exams

34.Two of my all favorite jams (step in the name of love and happy people) by R.Kelly both have a way of lighting me up anytime,let’s not talk about the all white theme in the videos,very crisp and refreshing 🙂 ♥

35.Maths,chemistry and physics were not my portion back in high school though i found biology a little intresting probably because of human and plant anatomy

36.I appreciate your support my dear readers the far i have come;those comments,likes,views motivate and keep me going.From the bottom of my heart i say thank you ♥♡♥

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