How i overcame Acne + My current Facial skin care products

“If the skin is not cared for,your skin will get mad at you” Park min Young
“Glowing skin is a result of proper skin care,it means you can wear less make up and let skin shine through” Michel Coulombe


I mentioned in my previous post about my struggle with acne about two years ago.It was overwhelming,scary,demotivating,confidence killer…it was major,like a really huge struggle for me.I tried everything;from demartology visits to various brands of off-the counter products but nothing seemed to work
I later took time to learn my type of skin and what seemed to sensitize it to major break outs that advanced to acne.Having oily and very sensitive skin,i kept off cosmetic skin care products and worked on my inner wellness which comprised of healthy diets,lots of water taking,fruits and vegetables together with ‘THE MIRACULOS NEEM’ herbal products.Took roughly three months for the scars to heal completely,i was one happy girl thereafter β™₯β™₯

The following are simple products i used to get rid of acne.

1.Dalan Aloe vera moisturizing cream soap


Has a very mild scent and the aloe properties help fight bacteria that accumulates in form of dirt on the pores.It’s very effective on sensitive skin when used regulary,morning and night time
Verdict;worked on me and i recommend,location:nakumatt outlets,price:kshs 60

2.Neem oil by Sacco neem herbal
I’m forever grateful to my cousin Eric who introduced me this to this wonder working herb.The antifungal,antibacteria and antivirus properties help fight various skin irritation ranging from acne,pimples,insect bites,burns,ringworms to rashes.This gem cleared all my acne,blemishes,darker than dark spots;it magically brought my face back to life and i still keep a bottle or two close just in case


(Content 20ml,location:medukha exhibition opposite imenti hse,price: ksh 200)

Usage: Two to three drops after cleaning the face before bedtime.I should warn you though,has a very strong pungent smell that you will have to put up with

Noticable results:two weeks,clear skin in two months depending on the degree of acne
Verdict:highly recommended πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯

3.Neem Cream by sacco neem herbals
This was my day cream,quite effective on sensitive acne-prone skin.i used it after cleaning my face with aloe soap then mix it up with a drop of neem oil
Usage:pear shape scoop during the day..for best results use daily


(Content 50gms,lasts upto six months location:medukha exhibition opposite imenti hse,price:kshs 150
Verdidt:super awesome πŸ™‚

Facial products i currently use:Hoping and working towards a proper routine of cleansing,exfoliating,toning and moisturizing πŸ™‚

4.Having the know-how about my skin type helped me choose these two babies i use now,
after shying away from cosmetic products for quite some time.I settled for clean and clear facial wash that is oil free and does not dry up my insight from yvonne’s blog (


My face responded pretty well and i thank God
Usage;morning and night time,moisturize with neem cream
(Content 100ml,location:Nakumatt and Tuskys outlets,price:kshs 375)
Verdict:i love it

5.Clean and clear moisturuzer


I use it in the morning after cleaning my face with the facial wash.It has this nice tingly sensation for a minute or two,works well though
(content 100ml,location:Nakumatt and Tuskys outlets,price:ksh 975)

Hoping this was helpful incase you are struggling with acne or break outs.I would love to
know your skin routine,please drop a comment below

Thank you for stopping by..xoxo

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