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“Sorround yourself with people who believe in your dreams”

Hey you all,

It has not been a minute but hours up this space and i’m so so excited to be back to blogging.I hadn’t realized how attached i was to this platform than the time i have been away; missed you all.I took time off because i realized that i was ready to take it to the next level,upgrade my site and quality of photos which i understand play a major role to kind of content i present to you my dear readers.I’m nowhere close to the sky but each new day is a grand opportunity to make it count.We all start from somewhere in pursuing  that which we love and are passionate about, thus making our dreams come to light

Someone once said that if we do not make our dreams a reality,we will be hired to make it real for that someone.It has not been smooth or easy but the thought of taking that step forward each day,getting better and realizing my potential hidden deep inside has been truly worthwhile. I honestly felt like giving up not once or twice but the thought of why i begun this beautiful journey pushed me on and the gut intuitive voice kept whispering ‘Not now or ever’.

Start now with the little you have and build up on it,shut your ears to ill talk and shun negative energy because at the end of the day some will talk and have an opinion over everything..that is part of life and we have to face it as it is.Taking in positive criticism while sifting the wheat from the shaft has been very vital in building up my blogging journey and career as well.One step at time i have learnt, don’t rush it

Oh well,let me end it here before this turns to a book 🙂 🙂

Your thoughts on my new site,kindly let me know on comment section below ♥♥

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    Beautiful new look, Emilly.

    True talk, a hundred percent, and I wish you all the best in this journey. Indeed it’s worth it to follow your dreams!

    Take care of you, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    Love, Cara.

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