From the archives: The Bolero

Hey good people,

Hope you’ve all had a good start to the week and without further ado,let us dive in to the topic of the day.I don’t know about you but I tend shop not based on what or how I will pair up an item but because my gut says so and as long as it is within my budget.. that is how this little piece of gem found it’s way to my closet.

According to documented history,Bolero or  zouave as they call it was influenced by Spanish styles in the 1900’s and later modified heavily over the years making it a mainstay of fashion today…kind of reminds me of ZORO whose cast donned similar attire. The cropped hem emphasizes the waist by showing it off while the checkered pattern creates that laid back yet formal look.Classic pieces rock..don’t you think??

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? credits Jared Nyanjom

Outfit details:

Bolero- so old

Dress- thrifted at kware MKT kes 500

Heels- Random boutique at moi avenue

Bag- Deira city center mall,Dubai






I was trying to scare a warthog here but I  failed miserably?


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    This outfit is wonderful because you can wear it to the office, to church and other special occasions. You can wear it when you are not pregnant and when you are pregnant. It is truly a timeless piece. Thanks for sharing.

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