Zippers and Crop top

Hey loves,

If there is a trend that has taken me time to warm up to is the crop top craze….i think i just was not lucky to get one that i was completely comfortable (that slit of skin) in and the right high waist skirt or pants to pair with them,and so i kept looking.I now own three and this is the second post i have done..check the first one here Totally in love with the stripes and zip detail♡
Good thing about these tops is that they can be worn by individuals of various body types,petite and plus size altogether as long as the pants,shorts or skirt are high waisted exposing just an inch or two of ones midriff
Can’t wait to add more of these beautiful pieces to my collection♥♥

Thank you for stopping by

Photo credits-Jared Nyanjom

Outfit details:

High waist skirt-Oscar 0724854908 @kes 900
Crop top-Serinda fashions on Instagram @kes 200
Sunnies-gifted by






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