Crop top to church..Why not

I’m a self-professed lover of color but you will notice i have lots of black and white going on 🙂 …had not planned on that sequence but it seems so judging from the recent posts and upcoming (2)’s all good though.I guess all the monochrome is attributed to the fact that they are bound to stay in the fashion industry forever,are classic and extremely easy to style ?.Aside from that,would you wear a crop to church?? well i did spot this same look to church late last year and you have no idea how delighted and pleased i was with the outcome.It was a score to find a piece that will do trips on end in terms of rotation ( to the office,an errand day,outdoor festivals,vacay,brunch) the list is practically endless.The zipper at the back is simply yum
I love love the pattern,high waist and almost midi-length nature of this skirt..just simple and perfect if you ask me♥♡

Have you had a crop top to church or would you? Let me know on the comment section below

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Photo Credits:Jared Nyanjom

Outfit details:
Skirt-thrifted by Oscar 0724854908
Crop top-Serinda fashions Instagram
Neckpiece-stall next to Nairobi sports house






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