This outfit is the ultimate business! Plus I straightened my Hair..?

Hey loves,been a minute up this space and I’m glad to be back with good things in store. I know I have never been consistent with my posts,sorry about that but I promise to try as much and start with posting twice in a week and build up on that with time.A good footing right..
Can we talk about this deal sealer right here..Dressing up for work can sometimes be a bore,especially when your workplace has a strict dress code.What you wear to work greatly reflects you and that is why i always love to spice up my work outfits,with blazers,prints,accessories and a pop of color here and there.I particularly love these chic pants because they are perfect for the office and very flattering to my figure.The color,cut and fit is also on point while the stripped blazer and red top bring an unexpected contrast and elongates my frame making this outfit stylish, functional and professional..Tripple Win

Style Tip-vertical stripes are perfect for creating a longer frame while horizontal stripes create an illusion of a slighter wider frame

Thank you for dropping by

Photo credits:Jared Nyanjom

What I wore:
Pants-Oscar 0724854908
Top-@njoo_upendeze on instagram
Blazer-same up
Bag-@trendsavvy on instagram






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