I wouldn’t be surprised if the title of this post would resemble that of my partner in crime Buyeke of click at very many levels have things in common plus how awesome is it to work and sit in the same space..God at work I would say..God Win
So I walk in on Monday morning all fired up to begin the month on a high note and guess who is dressed up just like me, I almost died of disbelief …i dashed out immediately in utter shock and Buyeke comes after me like no could this be!.
We have found ourselves in a similar situation twice but this was almost identical…twining all day..we could not get our colleagues to understand that it was a coincidence ?great minds so to speak ?
That Is how this shoot was born and most amazing prior to my birthday ?

Thank you for dropping by and have a lovely weekend ahead

What I wore:
Pants-Oscar 0724854908
Belt-same up




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    It’s amazing how two different people can bond and be same…I have seen it with my two awesome friends Emilly and Linet….They are great.
    Emilly this is a beautiful piece, I love it.
    Have a superb weekend.

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