“Being inspired with someone is the simplest and best reason why you find yourself smiling without reason”



Telenovela fans where are you..

I used to be a huge fun of soap operas back in the day when the likes of; The rich also cry,Wild rose,Knots landing, passion not to mention but a few rocked our main air wave.Developing a liking came at a very early age because that was my mum’s fav although she NEVER EVER encouraged us,she in fact would make sure we’re tucked tight in bed before she embarked on her fetish.I was a little cheeky and being the first child,i would lead my team down the corridors and quietly peep as we all followed closely.I was caught severally and that would earn me a proper beating, several warnings plus getting grounded  but even so,that could not deter me from watching my all time super duper protagonists.I lost track along the way because of school and life but then my attachment to them was set ablaze when my sense of fashion grew steadily during and majorly after my campus days.Do you remember Montserrat Mendoza of What life took from me…her style caught every inch of moraa and kept me glued to the screen yearning for more (from her make-up,shoes to decorum) followed by Veronica Prado Castelo of unforgivable whose style was was simple,classy and chic.I got this outfit inspiration from one the episodes where she donned a similar olive green shirt dress worn as a top and aztec print bodycon pencil skirt which i find too refreshing,fun and formal at the same time.So there you have it and as they say “we all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know how”

Have you been inspired by any cast lately? let me know on the comment segment below

Thank you for dropping by and do have a lovely week ahead.

Photo Credits; Jared Nyanjom

What i wore;

Skirt-Think Twice clothing store Rongai @ KES 500

Top- thrifted @KES 100


Bag- Stolen from mum














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