Hey loves,

It’s amazing to get to know how much color we have in the universe by name.Learning that some colors have up to at least twenty shades of it is just mind boggling.Indeed God Gave man power over all other creatures and commanded him to name and continue with His work of creation.
I was this close(visualize) to shelving these pictures because the rich indigo color was not captured to my satisfaction probably because of the lighting and time of day we took the pictures.(Blogger challenges)
All in all this being the last post this year,i want to take this opportunity and thank you my dear readers for the enormous support you have accorded me from the time i took a break to develop my new site to the times my site has had challenges.I have learnt how to overcome my fears,grow my confidence and celebrate even the smallest of victories.God has been at the center of everything and I’m grateful to Him for letting me take a few more steps up the ladder of success and teaching me to trust in His timing.I’m optimistic that 2017 has great things in store!

It’s always been my & love

Photo Credits-Jared Nyanjom

Outfit details;
Dress- Oscar 0724854908
Heels-Deira City Centre Dubai
Neckpiece-Gifted By Mama (from South Korea)








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