Wow, how and where do i begin..or can i just let the pictures put across the few words i have. Anyway i have missed this little space and you guys as well πŸ’›πŸ’›

I took a break in 2017 to plan for my wedding and hoped i would be back by mid last year but oh well..God had other plans in store and so i let life take it’s course. For that, this lady with a huge bum😝 is thanking God for all the small things,big things and everything in between.

I will be sharing my look book ranging from casual to the office plus style tips here and there that have helped me along.

Can we all take a bow for this dress/duster coat that i thrifted for only 3 dollars (300Kshs) I say dress because it has actual buttons and the mid region could not fit for obvious reasons.I love it because i can style it now,during my post postpartum and after.The length, print and color is everything guys!!πŸ’žπŸ’ƒ

Ps:I’m approaching my third trimesterπŸ‘












Outfit details

Dress/Duster coat- Bus station

Vest- old but thrifted

Maxi skirt- serinda fashions on IG

Heels- shoestrukke IG


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