Hey guys,

I hope you’re all well because i am, so grateful and taking one stride at a time.This post features a work appropriate top that camouflages my belly in a way…it also suits ladies who are expectant and don’t want  their colleagues to know just yet.The same tip applies if you’re just having one of those bloated days or better yet plan on enjoying a big brunch or lunch.I love the print, colors and the fact that i can still dress it down when I’m done.How awesome!

Style tip; Prints are great way of diverging focus/shifting attention be it in form of dresses,tops,skirts you name it.






Outfit Details;

Top and skirt- Serinda fashions IG ( Thrift 200 kshs and 500 kshs)

Heels- angies_closets IG (3000 kshs)

Neckpiece- Old

Belt- Thrift Toi


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