Hello everybody,

Hope you’re keeping well.I had restful Sunday after traveling to Kitale on Saturday to and fro covering 800 km. Last time I did the long distance was in december and covered 1200 km with several detours.I was not sure i could make it adding to the fact that i had not consulted my doctor on the same (now on my third trimester). What assisted me though was the fact that i tried to prepare myself psychologically and relied on the fit routine that my body is used to every day to take center stage.I experienced a not so intense lower back pain and swollen feet on our way back which was obviously attributed by the long hours sited in one position.This would have been worse if i had not done the following;

  • Back stretch exercise (check youtube) during the stop over’s (we did four for the entire journey)
  • I had my travel pillow supporting my back and kept shifting it to the points i felt intense pressure.My neck supporter also came through keeping my neck in check on those many times i kept dosing off 😆
  • I could not take much water as i normally do so i packed water melon to keep me hydrated
  • Ensured i had sufficient leg room to move my feet  around while sited
  • I had a black stretch body con dress that i got from vivo active wear which kept me so so comfortable through the entire journey.
  • Leaving early- We had hit the road by 3.00 a.m and this enabled us avoid truck traffic plus snurl ups along the highways thus saving us 4hrs of travel time.
  • Healthy snacking- my go-to being home packed plain yogurt,cashew nuts,bananas and watermelon.We want to avoid roadside goodies that might cause stomach upsets.

This chambray top can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.I love the fact that it’s loose fitting and light enough to tolerate those heat days plus it sort of conceals that baby bum similar to what i wore here



Outfit details:

Top- old thrift

Skirt- serinda fashions IG

Neck piece- shee_art IG

Heels- angies_closet IG





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