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Long post and unedited photos alert,all my pregnancy photos are by the way

Let me be totally frank with you,not that i have not been in the past but yo guys anything weight loss or gain depending on one’s context is a topic i consider sensitive.I must confess that i have not had weight issues in the past except in one instance during my masters school period (some four years back) where i lost quite a bit of weight.It had not hit me until Hubby raised that concern and my oh my let me tell you i was petrified,scared not to mention depressed because for the longest time i had maintained my ideal BMI weight without a hitch.I had to keep my head up and work on gaining that healthy body weight which i eventually did thank God.Fast forward to today being in my third trimester i must say pregnancy can be a roller coaster of all good and not so good things topping the list is weight gain. (I have added eight kgs so far,started off at 62)

I am lucky and blessed to say the least because i have super amazing friends who have gone through this phase a couple of times and been kind and open to bluntly share their experiences during and after pregnancy.I owe it to them because I’m not sure how i would have dealt with all the emotions,mood changes and expectations that come with the journey.Now speaking about weight gain during pregnancy,it’s important and inevitable because that is part of the process;WEIGHT GAIN is a MUST and this is how its broken down with advise from medical practitioners/physicians


18.5-25  11.35-15.89 Kgs

<18.5     12.7-18.16 Kgs

<25        8.172-11.35 Kgs

>30       4.994-9.08 Kgs


0.681 kgs- Placenta

3.178 kgs Maternal stores of fat, protein which eventually helps in production of milk and during breast feeding all this is used up (That’s why they say exclusive breast feeding is good because it plays a major role in weight loss)

3.405 kgs- Baby

0.908 kgs- breast tissue

1.816 kgs- fluid volume

1.816 kgs- blood volume

0.908 kgs- uterus

0.908 kgs- amniotic fluid

Total- 13.62 Kgs


Being equipped with all this information before hand,i was partially ready to handle the process bearing in mind that healthy weight gain is good for me and my growing baby.There times when i felt a bit insecure and not so confident with how my body was changing but i had to shake that off and re-assure myself over and over again, reminding me that my body is this amazing machine that has been chosen by God to bring and nurture life.There will be people shockingly friends,family and colleagues who will try very hard to bring you down with their misplaced and mean comments like “OMG  you’re so fat now” “you’ve lost your figure” “it’s funny you can’t wear heels now” “can you see your feet”…whaaaaat the HELL! Girl the naysayers will be up your neck day and night but you know what,turn that negative energy into positivity,work towards eating right and healthy,work out and stay fit.Dress up,style that bum and cultivate that inner energy to radiate an active and radiant person.What i’m tryna say in short,make lemonade with all the lemon they throw at you because you GOT THIS!!

All in all,we need to show love and compassion towards each other regardless of how much weight you gain.Every pregnancy is different and so comparison should be your number one foe,resist and loathe it in exchange with self compassion and self love of both body and mind.



What I wore:

Cold shoulder shift dress- Serinda fashions IG

Flats- forevertrendy22_ -IG




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