Hey guys,

hope you’re keeping well and warm.I’m elated,grateful and thanking God that we are soldiering through our third trimester step by step.I would be lying if i say it’s with ease plus it’s a fact that all pregnancies are different including what we experience in all the three terms.All in all there those similarities that a good number of women can relate to in regards to our final trimester and i have been having a blast watching you-tube videos that are way too hilarious which made me wish i had a channel so that i could demonstrate one of those typical days in a preggers life plus the expectations vs the reality.

Truth is,apart from taking all the beautiful pictures flaunting our bums and dressing them up which is an amazing thing by the way,it’s not always as glamorous as we make it look like on Instagram.




So here goes mother’s to be and future moms; you know you’re in your third trimester

  • When one of the worst part of your day is trying to get off the couch/car from a sited position(a bit of pressure on the pelvic region due to baby weight is something else)-I have always had it easy till this happened and i panicked,thought something was terribly wrong..labor perhaps but was i damn wrong ha!
  • When your husbands clothes look more way appealing than yours and some fit better-raiding that closet very soon
  • When you’re literally counting down days and single digit weeks for that cute little bundle of joy to come and it makes all the misery worth it
  • When you master the leg crossover move.This comes in handy when avoiding completely peeing your pants,spontaneous laughter,jogging or moving swiftly and of course sneezing
  • When you have mastered that super sexy  duck waddle,comes for free in your third trimester-i honestly thought it dint look cute till now when i finally get why moms to be walk like a duck for lack of a better word…oh my..🙈The waddle is due to your hips moving,your pelvis separating and of course basically the baby feeling like it’s coming right out of you.Still not here and I’m not looking forward at all😭😳
  • Bending over to pick something that has dropped is a mini work out
  • Getting in and out of bed,getting comfortable plus turning all seem to require some type of skill and well calculated moves..It’s an ACTUAL WORK OUT TRUST ME😆😬.Well good thing is that there’s so much information on you-tube that has assisted me get through this and actually make the whole process manageable.

Style tip- this stretchy skirt can be worn over the bum as pictured or below whichever you prefer.The over sized shirt can be untied and paired with jeans or tucked in for a polished official look


What i wore;

Skirt and oversized shirt- Serinda fashions Instagram



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