Batwing shirt + print denim pants..

Hey loves,

Listening to old skul jams by Michael Bolton as i type traffic.Time is flying so so fast my goodness,and not to mention that my blog turns a year old this month yeeeey šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ So sorry i’m not able to post as often as i i wish i could..but trust me i miss this so much..that busy bug aarrghh..anyway as the good book clearly puts it ‘there’s a time and season for everything’so yeah time to dig into my books and balance it off with my 8-5 job.Had this outfit to school last saturday..went for a fun and chic look.Paired up this denim print pants that are super comfy i tell ya..IMG_20150307_143631

This chiffon light batwing top with a bit of flare at the back..see that IMG_20150307_120848

My nude oxfords made my feet happy all day long

Had a bad hair day so i did a turban,tried out a bit of something and i loved the outcome.Enjoy the rest of the week bunnies

Thanks for stopping by..xoxo





What i wore:
Pants-forever 21
Top-oscar 0724854908
Neckpiece-shop nxt to Nairobi sports hse

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