Mustard + Animal print



Hey loves,

I apologise for my limited posting over the last one and a half weeks but also more than thrilled to report that i’m done with my MBA course work..feel so so proud of myself..yeeeey..♥♡♥♡ just the project and school chapter will be closed,not for good just never know with learning..
To fashion related news now,paired this animal print and green skirt that i mentioned in this post which work pretty well when combined.I promised to do a repeat of the sorta green theme but opted for colored shoes this time round,(just to make it more intresting) with a fitting blazer.This made an amazing work outfit 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely weekend ahead xoxo

What i wore:
Top-0724854908 Oscar
Heels-0722697711 Dan
Blazer-Toi market




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